1. Data Processing Explained

    We Handle a Wide Range of Data Processing Services   Here at DataStar, we are data experts. Across the country, vast amounts of data are generated, collected, and studied in order to serve a wide variety of industries. To the average person, the concept of data processing is pretty easy to explain. People understand what it means to refine data so that relevant and important information can b…Read More

  2. Why Use A Survey?

    Surveys Have a Wide Variety of Applications   Here at DataStar Inc., we realize that not everyone really understands why surveys are important. While most people have taken a survey at least once in their life, the average person probably does not give much thought to surveys in their day to day life. However, we are here  today to go over exactly why surveys are one of the most useful data coll…Read More

  3. Online vs Mail Surveys

    Which Type of Survey is Best for Your Situation?   Here at DataStar Inc., we are often asked which survey method is better, online or mail? While it might seem like a simple enough question, there are actually quite a few layers of the different methods that need to be addressed before an appropriate answer can be given. Because we are asked this question so often, we are going to take some t…Read More

  4. Reliability In Research

    Reliability In Research When it comes to survey research, it is important to make sure that the results of your data are as accurate and reliable as possible. To determine the reliability of research, it is important to consider both the margin of error, the maximum difference one would expect to see between sample results and the actual population, and the confidence level, the likelihood that th…Read More

  5. Benefits Of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Happy Employees are an Important Resource   Anyone who has worked in an office environment, or really any work environment, can attest to the fact that things run much smoother when the employees of the company are happy working at their place of employment. Millions of dollars a year are poured into determining the level of employee satisfaction at a wide range of companies and, in today’s…Read More

  6. Market Research Surveys: What Will You Learn Pt. 3

    What Can You Learn From Market Research Surveys? Hello, and welcome to the third and final post in our short blog series and the valuable information that can be gathered from market research surveys. Market research, in a lot of ways, is one of the most important things a business can use to best determine how to effectively market and sell their products to a given demographic. A product or serv…Read More

  7. Market Research Surveys: What Will You Learn Pt. 2

    Why are Market Research Surveys Important? Hello, and welcome to part two of our blogs series on the importance of market research surveys and why they are pivotal to successful businesses. As we stated in our last post, market research is an essential part of the business world. It helps to determine whether or not there is demand for a product and service and also helps to determine which demogr…Read More

  8. Market Research Surveys: What Will You Learn?

    Market Research Surveys Provide Valuable Information Here at DataStar Inc., we believe in the power of the survey. Surveys have been used over the years to garner large amounts of data relating to a wide variety of subjects and, in our opinion, it does not seem like surveys are going anywhere soon. In our previous posts, we have talked a lot about employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, why …Read More

  9. Benefits Of Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement Surveys Help Businesses Succeed   Here at DataStar, we understand the importance of survey research. Surveys are a great way to collect a vast amount of data in a relatively short time that can then be processed, analyzed, and used to make relevant changes to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in the field that the survey is being conducted. One of the most benefic…Read More

  10. How Are Surveys Beneficial?

    Surveys Offer Many Benefits   Considering a large part of our business revolves around survey management, we thought it might be a good idea to take some time and explain exactly why surveys are beneficial. While we and other researchers understand the benefits of survey research, many of our clients are not researchers. Our clients are businesses or corporations looking to accomplish a wide …Read More