1. Signs Of Happy Employees Pt. 2

    Happy Employees Foster Successful Businesses   Think back to the best job you have ever had (or, if you’re currently in that position, think about your current position). What is it about the job that made it so enjoyable? What did your position offer that made it so great? Chances are, if you ask anybody about the best job they have ever had, they will be able to quickly list off a few rea…Read More

  2. Signs Of Happy Employees

    Happy Employees are Important for Every Business   Managing a company effectively is a tricky thing. Barring the administrative, legal, and financial tasks that every business has to deal with, employers must also deal with one of the hardest resources of all to manage, their employees. When you get to the base level of any business, employees are one of the most important and costly resource…Read More

  3. Why You Want Happy Employees

    A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee The world of corporate America is changing. Where it once easier for employers to find individuals to fill positions within their company, it is becoming more difficult to fill positions and, most importantly, it is becoming more difficult to make sure that employees stay in a position once they are hired. This is not due to the fact that employees are les…Read More

  4. Benefits Of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Happy Employees are an Important Resource   Anyone who has worked in an office environment, or really any work environment, can attest to the fact that things run much smoother when the employees of the company are happy working at their place of employment. Millions of dollars a year are poured into determining the level of employee satisfaction at a wide range of companies and, in today’s…Read More

  5. Benefits Of Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement Surveys Help Businesses Succeed   Here at DataStar, we understand the importance of survey research. Surveys are a great way to collect a vast amount of data in a relatively short time that can then be processed, analyzed, and used to make relevant changes to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in the field that the survey is being conducted. One of the most benefic…Read More

  6. Why Employee Engagement Surveys Matter

    It is Important to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys   Hello, and welcome back to our blog. Here at DataStar, we strive to provide our clients with the best in survey management and data processing services. A major component of our business revolves around the implementation and processing of employee engagement surveys. Companies survey their employees to gauge their level of satisfaction…Read More