What Makes Company Culture Important


The face of the modern American business is changing. Where it was once acceptable for people to expect their workplace to be cold, sterile, and professional, an increasing number of job seekers are no longer satisfied with this type of work environment. They want an environment that fosters creativity, interconnectivity, and access to amenities that many “old school” businesses would consider frivolous and unnecessary. Here at DataStar, we understand how important it is for employees to be happy in their jobs. Happy employees make for a better business and, in today’s post, we are going to discuss why company’s cultures are becoming one of the most important aspects of a business and how making sure your place of business is a place that people want to work for is the best way to ensure that you remain successful. Continue reading below to learn more.


The Face of the Average Employee is Changing


Millennials, for the first time, have become the largest generational group in the United States workforce. With around 54 million millennials currently working, and millions more waiting to enter the workforce, the way that companies must treat their employees has changed dramatically. For the baby boomers, job security was everything. Having to navigate the waters of employment after the Great Depression and World War II, most baby boomers placed a major emphasis on finding a job, sticking with a job, and retiring from that job. Millennials, on the other hand, grew up in a time of relative prosperity (as long as you don’t count that little financial crisis the US had around 2008) and, as such, are much less concerned with a “stable” job and much more concerned with building a career at a company that they feel has meaning. Without a solid company culture, many millennials will not stay in a position with a company and instead will choose to look elsewhere for an employer that better fits their needs.


What are the Benefits of a Strong Company Culture?


With all of this talk of company culture, at this point you are probably wondering what the actual, tangible benefits are. For starters, companies with a strong corporate culture have a strong sense of identity. This strong sense of identity is a great way to maintain the direction of employees. Second, companies with a strong culture tend to retain more of their employees because people are more likely to feel like they belong. Leaving a job is easy, leaving a job that you strongly identify with is not. Lastly, a strong culture helps to boost a company’s image. If employees truly enjoy working somewhere, that satisfaction is apparent to customers, further helping the profitability of a business.


We hope that this blog has been informative and that you have learned a little more about why it is so important to have a strong company culture. Gauging the culture of a company is not always easy, however, through the use of our employee satisfaction surveys you, as a business owner, can better understand how happy your employees are in a position and whether or not you need to make changes in the culture of your company. To learn more about our employee satisfaction surveys please contact us today or visit our website.