A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee

The world of corporate America is changing. Where it once easier for employers to find individuals to fill positions within their company, it is becoming more difficult to fill positions and, most importantly, it is becoming more difficult to make sure that employees stay in a position once they are hired. This is not due to the fact that employees are less competent than before, but instead has to do with the fact that there has been a shift in the education level of base level employees. As a result of a decades-long campaign to stress the importance of a college education, more and more people are attaining bachelor’s degrees. While this has been a good thing overall, it has also made employees more selective in the industries that they chose to work for. One of the ways that employers have utilized to ensure that they retain as much talent as possible is to make sure their current employees are happy within their designated roles. As employee engagement survey specialists, we here at DataStar feel that we are uniquely qualified to speak about the happiness of employees and the ways that this impacts their overall productivity. In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the benefits associated with happy employees and why every company should work towards ensuring that their workforce is as happy as possible.

Happiness Breeds Creativity

As more and more companies find themselves in markets that are highly competitive and ever changing, innovation and creativity have quickly become the key to survival. With hundreds, sometimes thousands, of companies doing the exact same thing, it makes sense that a company would have to be able to bring something extra to the table in order to stand out from the competition. Research has shown that happy employees are more likely to be creative since happiness helps people feel more confident in their role in a company and raises mental flexibility. When an employee is happy with a company, they are more likely to feel as though their opinions are valued. This directly leads to employees feeling more comfortable bringing new ideas or processes to upper management in an attempt to not only improve their own performance, but the performance of the company as a whole.

Happy Employees are More Precise

For many businesses, precision is important. While small mistakes in other areas of life might not carry heavy consequences, mistakes in the world of business can be the difference between being successful and complete failure. Studies have shown that happy employees are less likely to make mistakes in their day to day tasks. Employees who have negative feelings about their job are less likely to care if they make a small mistake and are less likely to go back and fix a mistake even if they know one was made. Happy employees, however, are invested in the overall performance of the company and are much more dedicated to ensuring that their work reflects the pride that they feel in working for their company.

Happy Employees Rise to a Challenge

With any job, problems are going to occur. For many companies, a lot of energy is spent making sure that the problems that arise are handled swiftly so that as little damage to the company is done as possible. It has been shown that people who are in a good mood are much more likely to be able to adapt to adverse situations and come up with a solution to a problem as opposed to pawning of the problem to someone else. What’s even more impressive, is the fact that happy employees exhibited less stress than unhappy employees even when both groups are exposed to the same set of problems.

While employee happiness might not be the easiest thing to gauge, especially in companies with a large amount of employees, we here at DataStar have a solution. Through the use of our employee engagement surveys, we help companies accurately gauge the satisfaction level of their employees so they can make sure they are as happy and productive as possible. Contact us today and let us handle all of your employee engagement survey needs today.