As a leading provider of 360 surveys, employee feedback programs, and leadership assessments, we have developed an innovative solution to manage the entire process from start to finish. From development, to communication, to data collection and reporting, we managing all back-end logistics, allowing you to enhance your front-end coaching, training, and the critical elements that make your business great.

Learn more about our 360 surveys by visiting our survey demo or viewing some of the most common questions that we get:

  • What is an online survey? An online survey is the easiest and most timely way to elicit responses to any research topic. These types of surveys can be accessed by anyone and are fast to complete. They are typically structured to be refreshing and fun in an effort to encourage the responder to provide you with information that meets your marketing needs.
  • How Does It Work? At DataStar, we provide you with a survey and maintain it through our server. Your users can access it using internet browsers and open it via a link on your page or a URL that is emailed directly to them. When completed, responders hit the “submit” button and the data is posted to a data file for tabulation and processing.
  • How Much Does A Survey Cost? Not as much as you might think. Because this is not a direct mail survey, it can cost just pennies per response because there is no mailing, no intervening, and no data entry.
  • How Long Does Creating A Survey Take? That is entirely up to your preference. Online surveys can be outlined in just days, and responses can be generated immediately or collected on a regular basis. You do not have to sit and wait for data to be entered on your survey. In fact, it can stay open for days, weeks, months, or indefinitely. We collect finding as often as you need.
  • What if My Desired Demographic Does Not Have Internet Access? Online surveys are not your only option when you work with DataStar. We provide other methods of survey delivery, making it as easy as possible for your respondents. Give us a call to inquire about the other solutions we offer.
  • Should Respondents Worry About Information Security? Our surveys allow all respondent to stay anonymous if they choose, while still giving you the means to learn more about those that visit your site. At DataStar, both you and your client’s information will stay confidential and all information will stay within our server. When necessary, we use SSL Technology to encode data that has been entered.
  • Are Your Web Servers Reliable? We host our servers using NTT/Verio which is the largest communications company in the world. This network is fast and reliable, meaning that you can trust it is going to work. Rest assured, you’ll receive high security, room for growth, fire suppression systems, high-speed connectivity, cooling systems, backup power, and backup systems, as well as a 24-hour network operating center (NOC) for all your support needs.
  • NOC can provide assistance with traffic monitoring, forecasting, event correlation, and real-time alarming. While we cannot guarantee 100% stability for our system or data flow, we take your business very seriously and will provide you with the highest level of service possible at all times.
  • Why Do I Need DataStar if I Have In–House Online Programming? Although you may have the programming experts to create and maintain the technical aspects of your online survey, we have the applied research knowledge to help with all aspects of your research project. Our experienced staff is well versed in setting up and maintaining your online survey, AND they understand the best practices and methods to ensure your data collection will produce actionable results.
  • Will My Survey Look and Feel Like My Website? Yes, most definitely. Our designers work with you to apply colors, logos, and other elements that make for a seamless transition from your site to your survey.