At DataStar, our mission is to team with your organization and researchers in respect to your data collection and processing needs. We believe by providing a service our clients can trust and depend on, we can foster long-term relationships to help maximize your results. Whether your needs pertain to survey management, data collection, or a wide range of other survey-specific activities, we are always willing to work with you to meet your end goals. Our values are what make us stand out, putting your needs first and optimizing your survey options without breaking your budget.


  • Client Focused: At DataStar, we are committed to meeting your needs and honoring your requests. We accommodate you in the most flexible manner possible, considering your budget and schedule. You are our partner in creating a valuable service; your loyalty is our greatest reward. We strive to ensure that you feel like you are our priority at all times by diligently working towards the common goal of providing effective data processing and survey solutions.
  • Open Communication: We value an open chain of communication, asking the right questions and truly listening to your answers. We want to fully understand your project’s requirements and believe in developing new ways of looking at a problem. At DataStar, we provide you with a worry-free, reliable survey management solution you can trust.
  • Quality: No matter what you are looking to accomplish, we are dedicated to quality, using creative ideas for effective solutions. With a wide variety of talent, we believe in providing you service on time and within your budget for superior value-driven products and solutions.
  • Respect: We know the importance of maintaining a meaningful and positive workplace environment for our employees and are committed to making sure every member of our team feels valued. We treat our employees with the respect they deserve, encouraging them to do their best at all times while empowering talent and rewarding a job well done.
  • Strong Supplier Relationships: Our suppliers are our partners, and we respect their unique contributions to help us meet your goals. Building long-lasting relationships founded on trust, we value our relationships and show our appreciation through loyalty, enthusiasm, and hard work.
  • Honor Privacy: When you work with our team, we promise to never use or disclose confidential information for any purpose outside of the required management and survey processes we need.
  • Confident Stakeholders: We aim to manage all aspects of our business to build the value of our individual stakeholders including shareholders, employees, and clients. Your confidence is our greatest desire, emphasizing your potential to share in our future success.
  • Community and Environment: At DataStar, our survey management and data processing services are performed in a socially responsible manner, paying attention to our impact on the environment and looking for ways to improve our community as a whole, while participating in activities and encouraging others to give back.