Surveys Offer Many Benefits


Considering a large part of our business revolves around survey management, we thought it might be a good idea to take some time and explain exactly why surveys are beneficial. While we and other researchers understand the benefits of survey research, many of our clients are not researchers. Our clients are businesses or corporations looking to accomplish a wide range of objectives and it may not be obvious where survey research fits into their business plan. Because of this, we realized it is important for us to detail exactly why survey research is the right choice to meet their needs. Continue reading below to learn more.


Surveys Are All About the Data


When you get down to it, surveys are all about the data that they collect. This vast amount of quantitative data can be a powerful tool for businesses to assess a wide range of topics including employee engagement, market trends, and customer satisfaction. However, this still doesn’t address the issue of why surveys are the best choice for businesses and corporations to gather this data. Luckily, we have listed the benefits below.



  • Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of using surveys over other methods of research, is that surveys are highly flexible. Surveys can be administered in many ways, including paper surveys, phone surveys, online surveys, and mobile surveys. This allows a business great flexibility when it comes to the method in which they want to administer the survey. Also, it allows business to mix together different methods depending on the location and demographic of those respondents they are trying to reach.
  • Cost Effective: When it comes to research methods, surveys are among the most cost-effective ways to gather data. This holds especially true for online surveys and mobile surveys, however, even paper surveys, when compared to other research methods such as focus groups, are relatively inexpensive to distribute. Additionally, because of the large number of potential respondents, when a business breaks down the cost of distributing a survey versus the value of the information received, many find that the expenditure was well worth it.
  • Anonymity Equals Dependability: One of the biggest advantages that surveys have over other research methods is that they allow respondents to remain anonymous. This typically leads to respondents being more open and honest than they normally would which increases the reliability of the results that are collected. This level of dependability holds especially true if the respondents are told ahead of time that their answers will be completely anonymous.
  • Large Scale Answers: When conducting research for a particular market or group of people, what is one of the most important things to consider? If your first thought was sample size, congratulations, you are thinking like a survey expert. Surveys allow businesses to gather information from large numbers of people which, in turn, more accurately reflects how the entire target population feels. This allows businesses to better understand what people who didn’t take the survey may think or feel.

If your business is need of a survey research company, please contact us today at DataStar. We have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to conduct any level of research survey that your company may require. Don’t settle for second best, contact us today.